Our vacation this year was over the Memorial Day Holiday. In our travelings we had the opportunity to stop in Washington DC the Saturday of that weekend. We met up with a friend of ours, John Tilley, who is one of the guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington. Unforuntely we were just "passing through" and were only in DC for a few hours. We spent all of that time in Arlington and walked almost the whole way around the cemetary. It was a very special day to be there and quite sobering. We appreciate all of our men and women in uniform that give their life for our country.

The Outer Banks
Our vacation started off heading to Corolla, NC on the Outer Banks. We had a wonderful time visiting with Annette's family. Here are some pics from the first leg of our journey.

My cousin Ben's son David was absolutely fascinated by Isaac. He sat there for quite some time that day just watching him sleep. He was constantly asking for him. It was really fun.

Here is Isaac being held by Annette's mom and played with by Grandma Williamson. He got alot of extra attention that week!

Isaac looks quite cozy here being held by his daddy. I love this pic.

Isaac and my cousin Ty playing.

My cousin Nathan and his newphew David.

My cousin Nate and his wife Leah. They are expecting a little baby girl in just a few weeks!

Grandpa (Annette's dad) and his little buddy.

Aunt Loretta and her grandson David playing Go Fish

New Castle, PA
The last leg of our trip was in New Castle. It was great to see alot of Aaron's family in such a short amount of time. This was the first time that Aaron's grandma's and sister had gotten to see Isaac. His parents hosted a Memorial Day picnic with all the family invited and to also celebrate Gram West's 80th birthday. She knew about the gathering, but the surprise was on Gram for it was in honor of her birthday :) We had a wonderful time and we glad we could make it for the special occassion.

Isaac and Papaw Withrow playing. I'm not sure who's having the most fun: Isaac or Papaw :)

We were busy picking up last minutes things for the picnic, including balloons for Gram's birthday. Thankfully we had taken our van, otherwise I don't think they would have ever gotten those balloons in a car. As it was, Rebecca rode like that the whole way home. Thankfully we didn't have too far to go!

Aaron and his cousin with her little baby boy. Him and Isaac were born only a few days apart.

Part of the gang playing a few games of Canasta after the crowd dwindled down. Gram West, Gary, and Uncle Larry all played while Aunt Carrie looked on.

Aaron's sister Rebecca with her son Colson and Isaac.

Uncle Aaron bought some fireworks and firecrackers. Here the kids are having a blast running around the yard with their sparklers. This made me slightly nervous, but they had a great time and it made some really neat pictures.