Isaac is 39 months

Miriam is 22 months

This week was a little busier than I had expected it to be, but isn’t that normally the case?  Every week I tell myself, next week it will slow down!  But that slow week rarely shows up!  It was a good week though spending lots of time with friends and family.  We only had 1 official day of Tot School, so we will be continuing to work on the letter “Ii” for this next week also.  Isaac likes to confuse it with “Hh”, so I think we need a little more time with this letter. ;-)  (He also likes to call it “Y”)

The “Official” Day


My kids love playing with these things!!   


Isaac requests all the time to make the letter using his magnets. 


After I introduced the Letter “Ii” to them using our pom-pom magnets, we did some review.  Here Isaac is making the letter A ;-)


Is she going to be a lefty??


Although I think it is kind of interesting that from the start, Miriam has done a better job of holding a crayon in her hand while Isaac still holds it with his fist.  I’m wondering when is the right time to correct this and to teach him the right way to hold a pencil?


Below he is making a railroad track with his crayons :)


We worked on some lacing too.  Isaac requested the cow while Miriam worked on the pig.  He is doing really well getting it through the holes easily, but I think next we will work on getting the lace pulled all the way through.  


I was busy helping Miriam, so I didn’t have any pictures of her working on her sheep.


Learning Through Play


We had our Leap Frog Phonics train out and the kids loved playing with it.  The batteries are in need of changing, so Miriam followed my example and helped to give the train a push when it was having trouble going up the hill.


She loves to wear her brother’s boots! I think we need to get her a pair of her own! Below Isaac is busy making a fence ;-)



A Weekend with Aunt Hollie



We always love it when my sister can come in for a visit.  Unfortunately we don’t get to see her too often since she lives 5+ hours away :(  She was gracious enough to hang out with the kids Fri and Sat evenings so I could be with Aaron as he was involved with a wedding.  


My children think these letter squares need to be worn as necklaces. 


Miss Miriam and her big brown eyes!


Let me introduce you to “Joe Dog”.  He is by far the favorite stuffed animal in the house!  Miriam asks for him before naps/bedtimes, and he now also goes with us on long trips.  She loves to snuggle with him.  Below she is putting him down for a nap in the baby’s swing.   


I had the privilege of getting to keep Baby M one day this past week.  The kids absolutely adored her!!  I had to keep reminding them that she belonged to someone else and was going home at the end of the day!  (Isaac has already asked for her to come back!)  It was fun to see how they might act once their baby sister arrives.  Here Isaac was gently rocking the swing back in forth while he watched Thomas.  I thought it was so sweet.  He did a great job being gentle!




The printables form this week are from Erica at Confessions of a Homeschooler! 

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