During Mother's Day weekend, I got the opportunity to travel to WV with my sister to see my family and spend Mother's Day with my mom. We left out on Sat. morning and made it there at mom and dad's in time for supper. We were able to attend church with them the next morning, which was a real treat. It had been a few years since I had heard my dad preach. We then had a baked spaghetti lunch at their house afterwards. That weekend we also had some other relatives that had traveled in. My Aunt Sherry and Uncle Eric came in from Seattle to visit with Grandma and my cousin Ben, his wife Andrea, and their two children, David and Rebecca also came in that weekend. It was great to get to see family and we had a nice visit.

One evening mom pulled Isaac around the kitchen on this rug. He loved it and the next day, he sat down on one end of the rug and held up the other end for mom to pull him around!

Isaac's first ride on Grandpa Williamson's 4-wheeler. He loved it! He was smiling the whole time!

Grandma Williamson and Isaac watching Hollie ride the 4-wheeler at Great Grandma's house.


Aunt Sherry and Isaac.

Isaac and Rebecca meet.

Isaac and his cousin David Williamson

Isaac with Grandpa and his cousin Rebecca. I would like to say they were sharing their toys and trading them back and forth, but the reality was they were just taking toys from each other.

Here is Isaac with his Great-Grandma Williamson. He actually sat still just long enough for me to get this pic. He stays on the go all the time!

Isaac had been walking for just a few weeks at this point. On Mother's Day morning before church he was going through the kitchen and lost his balance, causing him to tumble. He laid there for a few minutes just looking up at us. I think he wasn't quite sure what had happened to him.

I think he was pretending to give grandma a hug so he could slide down off the couch.

Isaac has his own set of toys at Grandma's house. Mom found this zoo set at a consignment shop in town. She said it was just like one that I used to have when I was little. This one she bought at the shop looked brand new and had all the pieces. Isaac loved it and would hit the buttons over and over again to listen to the animal sounds.

Here is Isaac wearing his WV Mountaineer bib that his Great Grandma Williamson got him. I didn't realize that his shirt had WV colors too :)

Lil' Mountaineer

Isaac and Uncle Eric became fast buddies. This shot was taken after playing hard....it looks like they had too much fun.

Isaac's first maple cream filled donut from McHappy's. Needless to say he enjoyed it. :)